at Spring Mount Conservation Park

I have been taking advantage of the recent overcast weather conditions  to  photograph in the Spring Mount Conservation Park. The park  is  small (2.79 square kilometres),   consists of  mature stringybarks (both Eucalyptus obliqua and E. baxteri),  and  looks  as if it provides  a good habitat for the yellow tailed black cockatoo  (Calyptorhynchus funereus).  We only see these cockatoos in Encounter Bay when they feed on the pine cones in the  late summer/early autumn. 

The Spring Mount Conservation Park  is on a ridge lying between  the Inman Valley (in the south)  and the Hindmarsh Tiers Valley (in the north).   It  is  in a high rainfall area and  I discovered that it  can be raining there whilst it is sunny on the Victor Harbor coast, which is  just 15- 20 minutes away by car. I have  been mostly photographing on the Inman Valley side of the park,  as well as  walking along the roads along  the edge of the park such as the Mt Alma Rd and the Strangeways Rd. 

The  photo above  was made whilst I was walking along Strangeways Rd with the poodles. This road  runs east from Mt Alma Rd then south dropping down through  farmland in the valley to Sawpit Rd near the Inman Valley Rd.  It's a loop.  We only walked a couple of kilometres along Strangeways Rd. I have yet to explore the rest of this road in the car. Nor have I walked along the trails  within the  park. 

The walks that I have done  so far in the conservation park  are exploratory walks; exploratory in the sense of getting to know the  area, scoping for large format photography, and figuring out how to approach this kind of landscape photography. 

The strand of trees  below look to be part of a plantation within or adjacent to the conservation park.  I am not even sure if they are  part of the park. I assume that they are  not as the strand is on the side of the road and the mature stringybarks are behind them.    

My explorations  so far indicate that  the best time for a large format photography photo session is overcast conditions and flat light. Mist and damp conditions would be a bonus, but those are winter  conditions.  I  have managed to craft  a few  large format (5x4)  colour photos, but judging from the above scoped pictures  black and white  would  work well. Even using the Cambo 8x10 is feasible as I would not have to carry that heavy and  bulky monorail  camera and the required heavy-duty Linhof tripod  very far from the car.