seaside architecture #1

Domestic coastal architecture  is primarily a  space for living within. Traditionally the buildings are sparse and  functional. They are summer holiday houses simply built.   Their exteriors are so ordinary as to pass unnoticed. 

At Encounter Bay the 1940-50s houses  are slowly being pulled down and  grander  seaside designs are being built. 51 Franklin Parade, Encounter Bay is a recent example:

The old summer holiday house has been replaced by a house for people  to permanently  live in.  Victor Harbor is changing. Sea change is starting to  influence the style of architecture. 

50 Franklin Parade  is an example of the old style summer holiday home. It is non-descript. Soon it will be gone. 
I mostly photograph the seaside domestic architecture early in the morning  when I am on a poodlewalk along the Franklin Parade  beach.   I usually walk from the boat ramp to just past Yilki Store. These houses along Franklin Parade  face east. The light just after sunrise is soft and gentle.