a series of small photobooks boxed

Lately, I have been thinking about stepping  beyond  the boundaries of this Fleurieuscapes  blog that doesn't really go anywhere.  I have been thinking  along the lines of  having  another  solo exhibition,  or of producing a photobook.  I have enough material,  and my thinking has been that the book is primary  and the exhibition is secondary, in that the latter  could be used to  launch the  photo book.  

Judging from my experience with the previous Fleurieuscapes exhibition,  exhibitions with framed  prints are expensive,  they  have a short existence,  and they are quickly forgotten. Few are the memories of them.  So it doesn't really add up. However, an  exhibition could be used as a platform to launch a  photo book,  thereby  making  the latter  known to the public at the opening.  Distribution is the really big problem with photobooks and launching the book at  the  opening night of the exhibition would help.  

If so, then it  is really becomes a question of how to organize the material in a photobook. It needs to  have  an idea to distinquish it from all the other photobooks being produced.  The one that I  have toyed with in the past  a topological thinking is  the idea of place--that is, my experiences of  being in a place that  is the southern Fleurieu Peninsula.  In Heideggerian language to be is to be in place. So it is being -at-home-in-a place.  

Photography, after all,  is a way of collecting experiences, whilst  the book is a way of moving photography away from the  white walls of  the art gallery.  In this case  a photography of a limited situatedness of existence in a place  that is a series of events or processes  in  an open region .

Maybe the photo book  could  be organized in terms of a letter to various friends about my experiences on the various daily poodlewalks  in the  place that I dwell in? 'Dwell in' in the sense of belonging and the happenings in this place.   A photography of where things--seaweed, salt, rocks-- are presencing  in this place where I dwell with the poodles.    

Rather than a book, it could be a series  of 4-5 small photo journals based around the poodlewalks.   These 4-5 photo journals would consist of  good quality prints that are hand bound,  and  then housed in a handmade box.  Each photo journal or book would have a different subject matter-----seaweed, rocks, trees,   abstractions, country roads, clouds, architecture   etc. Or this subject matter be mixed up in one book that is organized around a theme-eg.,the ephemeral or the transitory.  There could be a number of these series of 4-5 small books.  The box would  be titled poodlewalks 1, 2 , 3 etc.  

A more commercial photobook--eg., say one printed by Momento Pro--- would be a selection of  50 mages from these  various series with a bit of text.   An exhibition would then be a selection of framed prints from  these books. So there is a multilayered approach to distribution of the project. 

 This would  begin to open  up the Fleurieuscapes work to people outside  the art gallery system.